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Land Development

Fort Nelson's resilient and diverse economy continues to offer opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals and companies. Following is a brief list of the areas where the Community Development & Planning department have recognized as rich with potential. If you have further questions regarding any of these opportunities, please contact us directly using our Contact Us page.

Light Industrial Development

The NRRM is working to release land in the light industrial area of Fort Nelson, South of the Alaska Highway. There has been great interest in this land release, and we believe it will ensure adequate space for the development of a larger and more complex Oil and Gas Service Sector industry in Fort Nelson. Please see our Industrial and Commercial Property Sales page for more information.

Commercial Development

Commercial space will likely become more and more popular in Fort Nelson. There have been many inquiries about shop space, yard space, and office space in Fort Nelson. Please contact our offices for information on available lands, our planning strategy, and other opportunities.

Residential Development

Upon the completion of our Light Industrial Land expansion, the CD&P department intends to embark on a comprehensive residential land review. As our projections indicate a need for a greater residential inventory, we wish to ensure we avoid land or accommodation shortages in the future. While higher-density development is ongoing near the centre of town, and work continues in the Aspen residential subdivision and the Mountainview subdivisions on the North-East end of town. For more information, please contact our offices, and or, also visit the Residential Housing Strategy page.

Gateway Commercial Development

With the ongoing development of the light industrial expansion comes an incredible opportunity for lease space with M.A. Charlton & Associates. See the highlighting document here.

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